Why Engage ATS?

Configurable. Intuitive. Intelligent. Everything that goes into Engage ATS is centred on these three pillars. It's what helps us provide an industry leading product. And it's what allows us to deliver exceptional service to you. In just four years, our system has become market-leading. And as we're part of Havas People, your needs are catered for by true recruitment experts.



The system should evolve to fit your needs - not the other way around. With Engage ATS, you can customise and configure its features & functionality to ensure the system meets your business requirements. You specify how the system is set up. And once everything is in place, you can continue to customise its capability in the form of user friendly configuration tools.


Engage ATS has been designed with a clear, user friendly interface. This gives you the power to take control. We've seen what works, and what doesn't, across a range of systems. And with a range of HR professionals, e-recruitment specialists and recruiters influencing its designs, Engage ATS is truly about empowering the user.


We understand the importance of reporting - and we've built the system with that in mind. Our user-friendly advanced reporting tools allow you to produce meaningful data from the information held within your system. Cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, source-of-hire, equal opportunities data and advanced pipeline reports are just a few examples of the types of reports Engage ATS can produce. What's more, you can create and export dynamic, multi-level reports.

Product Evolution

Innovation is at the core of our offering, and responding to customer and candidate feedback has given us the insight to create a powerful ATS. As well as this, our annual roadmap development – where we review the growth of relevant technology – ensures that Engage ATS remains industry-leading.


Built by Recruiters

Engage ATS has been developed by people who have front line experience of candidate and client needs. We use the latest technology, always bearing in mind what you want from Engage ATS. The result? An intuitive, user friendly system that works for you.

Client Partnerships

The relationships we build with our clients are based on trust, expertise and understanding. Your impression of Engage ATS is just as valuable to us as the system is for you – and the partnerships we build are testament to that. For more information on the services we provide, please click here

Expert Support

Our recruitment experience enables the Engage ATS Account Management teams to provide a consultative and personalised service to you, making sure that if there is an issue, we can resolve it together. We make sure whoever is involved with Engage ATS has an in-depth knowledge of your system – and that they use that knowledge to provide you with the highest levels of service at all times. For more information on the services we provide, please click here.


In-house Development Team

Everyone who works on Engage ATS is based in the UK, including our Design and Development teams. This means that we're highly collaborative – a culture that benefits you as much as it does us.

Data Centres in the UK

Your data is precious. We spare no expense to ensure the information held on your system is secure. That's why we all of your information is stored in the UK. Strict monitoring and management of your data gives you the peace of mind that the information held on your system is in safe hands.

ISO 27001 and 9001 Registered

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. ISO 9001 is the international standard for the management of businesses. Together, these two benchmarks certify our commitment to building trust, and protecting your information. Adhering to them means carrying out our work in a systematic and controlled way – and being the best partner to our clients.

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