We're proud of Engage ATS's abundance of market-leading features. Each one has been designed to enhance your recruitment brand, by providing a positive experience for your candidates – and making life much easier for you as a recruiter. Below are some examples of the range of features and functionality that can be used on Engage ATS. To download this information into a PDF, click here

Candidate Homepage

Each candidate who registers on Engage ATS will have their own personal homepage. There, they can: print their application form; book interviews; access online tests; review correspondence; view their application status; and search for and save vacancies. They can even format the panels on their home page to appear exactly as they'd like them to.

Recruiter Homepage

You also get your own homepage. It's designed to enable easy access to candidate information. There are a number of functions on this page, including: viewing and searching for candidates; creating interview schedules; organising your priorities with the task manager; viewing recommendations; and processing candidates to the next stage. And, you can tailor the panels on the page to suit your needs.

Candidate Search

We have a vast array of search options to help you group candidates. In fact, you can search by anything that's been asked in the application form – as well as where they first saw the job vacancy. And we've made the user experience simple, with searches available all on one page.

Recommendations Module

You can send and recommend CVs and applications directly to managers. Once they receive your message, they are directed to a recommendations page, and can view all of the candidates they need to review. There's also the option to send several candidates to several managers simultaneously – and they can score candidates and add notes as they see fit.

Advanced Recommendations Module

Used commonly for panel recruitment, users can easily make group decisions on our system. Like the standard recommendations module, they can score candidates and add notes. But in this feature, they can also do this on Excel before uploading them onto the system, and send CVs to other managers for further consideration.


There are two types of reporting – entry level and advanced. You can save, export and manipulate all reports in a number of different ways. Entry level allows for a range of standard reports that can be selected and filtered by vacancy or date. Our market-leading advanced reporting enables you to create advanced reports with as many pieces of data as you need – such as application stage, date, gender and ethnicity.

Bespoke Reporting

We can also define your bespoke reporting requirement, and create your own personal suite of reports. What's more, you can build on this suite as your system grows, allowing Engage ATS to respond to your developing needs.

Speculative Applications

Building up a talent pool can reap rewards. This function makes that simple to do. Candidates can upload their CV for vacancies they're interested in. And you can sift through this speculative pool, either by vacancy or CV. When a role does become available, you can also invite these candidates to apply.

Vacancy Alerts

This keep-warm feature means that even if candidates don't find the perfect vacancy first time, they can sign up to receive email alerts about relevant opportunities, based on a set of key words.

Internal Talent Pool

If internal candidates are willing to be seconded to other positions in your organisation, you can create a database and record how long they would like to be considered for secondment positions. Line managers are able to authorise these requests, and you can invite these people to apply for appropriate internal positions.

Interview Booking

Engage ATS's Schedule Wizard allows you to easily create various interview schedules. It then automatically invites candidates to book a slot, reducing the administrative burden. Finally, the system sends confirmation of the interview slot to both you and the candidate, ensuring that you're both prepared.

Vacancy Management

Advanced yet easy-to-use, you can create vacancy templates and job descriptions for a range of channels with this tool. Templates can also be tailored to suit the role and recruitment process. You can upload and provide links to documents within the templates so when candidates search for jobs, they'll find all the documentation they need alongside the job posting itself.

Job Posting to Various Channels

You can post to various channels in one simple step. You can also create different forms, process routes and dates for the same vacancy, depending on the channel they're posted to.

Intranet Integration

If a candidate applies from a job through your intranet, the system automatically recognises this as an internal application, and alerts you. You can customise forms, dates and other parameters to create a unique candidate path for internal respondents.

Job Board Integration

This allows you to publish vacancies to several job boards at once – simply by entering their name and URL. In just a few clicks, you can get your vacancies seen and candidates can apply straight from the job board. You can also pull reports to see which boards drive more candidates to you.


We offer an advanced, customised approach to working with your agencies and agents. The system is flexible, allowing you to work with your agents in a number of ways. For example, if candidates that come from agents are anonymous, Engage ATS won't display their name. All aspects of Engage ATS can be customised for you, even your correspondence and application forms.


Agencies, job boards and internal candidates are all measureable and reportable via Engage ATS. In addition to this, we can embed code into your site which can track your candidate journey, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising media.

Vacancy Archiving

Simply select 'archive' to store your old vacancies. From the archive, you can review, refresh and re-open job roles.

Vacancy Approval

This allows managers to review and approve the details of a vacancy before it is advertised. Built to match your vacancy approval process, automatic emails and customised approval forms are sent to everyone involved in the approval process. Fast, user-friendly and efficient, Vacancy Approval functionality ensures the process is controlled and tightly managed, with minimal input required from the Recruitment Team.

Branded Site and Application Form

Put your own identity on our system – anything that candidates access, including application forms, can be branded. You can even use Flash software to enhance the candidate experience.

Content Management

You can easily manage text, images or other features throughout your system, meaning you can add or update information whenever you need.

Dual Branding, Shared Service and Partner Branding

You can also share branding, if a partner organisation is using your ATS. Unique URLs and configurable forms, emails, processes and content allow for shared services to be set up on your ATS. And with advanced user permissions, you can set the parameters for other users to work within.

Keyword Search

Job hunting is made easier for candidates by allowing them to search for vacancies by keyword. They can also enter the keywords they'd like to know about when submitting speculative applications or signing up for job alerts.

Map View

Candidates can choose to browse vacancies by location, and view opportunities on a map for convenience.

Registration and Application Form

The system comes with custom-built forms that you can easily copy or edit at any time. Or, for something more bespoke, you can create forms and then change them at a later date. Regardless of how many forms you have, you can effortlessly keep them under control.

Save and Return to Application Form

This handy feature is invaluable for candidates. They can save their application at any time, and return to it when they're ready – directly from the home page.

Manual and Auto Scoring Forms

These are a perfect aid to assessing performance in telephone interviews, assessment centres and face-to-face interviews. You can also set them to automatically process candidates from one stage to the next, based on their scores.

Pre-screening forms

These can be created at any time using the Form Builder. You can select from a range of options to persuade or dissuade potential candidates, depending on whether they meet your minimum requirements.


If you have a make or break question of your application form, you can set that question to flag up if a candidate answers it in a certain way. You can also flag duplicate or speculative application to save time.

Automated Emails

As standard, candidates receive an automatic email once they register on Engage ATS. You can also set up automatic emails for whichever stage of the recruitment process you need. What's more, you can arrange emails to recruiters, agencies and other users of the system, as well as reminder emails to candidates for things such as interviews and deadlines.

Bulk Options: Printing, Processing, Emailing and Recommending

This makes handling large volumes of candidates simple, and allows you to do certain actions en masse.

Online Testing

You can integrate Engage ATS with online test providers to create a seamless process for candidates. The system can process candidates based on test scores, and upload their results for you to view. All you need to do is provide us with the pass and fail rates for each test.

CV Searching

Just enter relevant keywords to pull a list of useful CVs from your talent pool.

Occupational Health

When a candidate reaches the latter stages of the process, Engage ATS can trigger a link to an online occupational health pre-employment questionnaire. Then, your Occupational Health team or provider can log in to review your candidates' answers and select whether or not they are fit to work. That decision is communicated to candidates via email.


We can centralise this process, allowing you to record details of the job offer you've made. It's also possible to merge this information into a contract template and upload it to the candidate's portal. From there, the candidate can acknowledge receipt.


Lots of organisations – ours included – allow additional leave days for volunteering. Engage ATS allows your staff to request volunteering days online for managers to approve.


If you operate a referral programme, we can give internal candidates the ability to notify their networks of externally advertised opportunities. If a candidate applies via the referred candidate URL, Engage ATS will store the referrer's information against the applicant, allowing you to reward the right person.

Succession Planning

Should any critical roles suddenly become available, you can create a plan for getting that vacancy filled as quickly as possible. Internal candidates can register on the succession planning database by answering questions relating to their future career and growth. So should you need to recruit someone, you know exactly who would love to be considered.

User Access Levels

You can specify which users see what on your system. For example, you can decide what vacancies certain people can see, and what actions they can take.

Send to a Friend Option

Candidates can easily share vacancy information with a friend, bringing word-of-mouth online.

Sources Functionality

You can easily manage your list of sources – i.e. where your candidates first see your vacancies. You can also categorise your sources, so candidates can choose from a shorter list on an application form – this means you can report on which sources drive the most traffic to your opportunities.

CV and Multiple Document upload

When applying, candidates can be asked – or required – to upload a CV or other documents. These can also be uploaded onto a candidate's profile by you, and printed or sent to a manager.

Login Page Configuration

You can rearrange this page, so the first thing a candidate sees when they apply to one of your roles is controlled by you; for example, you can choose to show your vacancies in either a grid, or require them to search before viewing opportunities.


There are easy-to-use editing tools to allow you to change and update your FAQs as you see fit.

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