Product Overview

We've put together some of the key features and capabilities of Engage ATS to help you familiarise yourself with the core functionality that you're likely to come across.

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    Candidate Home

    All registered candidates will have their own, personalised home page, where they'll be able to track the progress of their applications, keep tabs on correspondence from the recruitment team, save vacancies, book their interviews and manage their documents.

    The Engage ATS panel layout provides applicants with a snapshot of all the information relating to their application on one screen.

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    Vacancy Alerts

    Vacancy alerts help save you time and money by keeping your active and passive candidates in the loop, and interested in your organisation.

    Interested applicants are offered the chance to sign-up for vacancy alerts – automated emails that are sent to the candidate when you publish vacancies that match their interests. Candidates can specify any number of keywords and categories for jobs they are most interested in. They can also specify the frequency of alerts they receive.

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    Candidates don't have to register to view your vacancies. We offer a range of search functions to ensure your applicants can easily find opportunities at your organisation.

    The unique 'hover over' facility means candidates can browse all live roles from one page, without ever having to leave to learn more. Scrolling news can be used to draw attention to new campaigns, high priority recruitment activity or general recruitment bulletins.

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    Candidate Search

    Using the unique Engage ATS Candidate Search page, you're able to search for candidates against absolutely anything that's been asked in the application form. This includes CVs, scores or recommendations a candidate may have received, what vacancy they've applied for, and where they first saw the vacancy. And you don't need to switch between pages to carry out advanced searches.

    You can also keep tabs on the status of a candidate's application and track their journey through your recruitment process. What's more, you can maintain a record of documents issued and received, request references, send emails and view manager scores.

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    Schedule Wizard

    Build intricate interview and assessment centre schedules with ease using the step-by-step Schedule Wizard. Assign interviewers and candidates to your appointment slots, or allow candidates to book their own interview times and dates using the schedule calendar. Schedules can be set up so your Managers and applicants receive confirmation calendar appointments once interview times are finalised.

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    Report Generator

    The ATS allows you to compile in-depth, ad hoc reports at will. And our drag & drop functionality means that generating statistics is simple and undemanding.
    All reports can be saved, exported (in various formats) and manipulated in a number of ways, depending on your needs.

    With the ability to report on any and all information held in your system, Engage ATS reporting makes the management of your data a robust and highly effective process.

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