Case Study


In the first 12 months, the site posted just under 400 vacancies – allowing the GLA to bring in the right type of talent with a near-seamless recruiting experience.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) are the regional authority for transport, policing, economic development, and even fire and emergency planning, which means that they often recruit for lots of different roles, at different times, and with different requirements. But thanks to one global pandemic, an imminent recruitment surge and lack of internal bandwidth, this job was about to be a lot harder.

What GLA needed was a team to take the weight off their shoulders. So, that’s what we provided.

Already the supplier of their applicant tracking system engage|ats, we took our relationship with them one step further by embedding ourselves within their organisation. Assigning two engage|ats project managers to work alongside their hiring managers, we took control of everything from campaign set-up to candidate management and communication.

It worked perfectly. In partnership with the GLA, we published just under 400 vacancies over the course of 12 months. We brought in the right kind of permanent talent for their different sectors and built a bond with them that allowed for a near-seamless recruiting experience.

Meaning the GLA could move away from using temporary resource, reduce the time to hire and manage the recruitment spike in a cost-effective way.

 In fact, the partnership worked so well that the GLA extended our arrangement for a full six months more.

 “Havas People understand the recruitment landscape from a technology point of view with their applicant tracking system – engage|ats. They are also excellent in managing recruitment campaigns. The GLA is delighted to have partnered with Havas People over the years.”

 Human Resources Reward and Operations Manager