Case Study


In the first 8 months, the site posted 6,876 vacancies and received 51,504 applications. Allowing the participating councils to make 1,006 job offers.

The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, or AGMA, is a collaboration of 12 councils in the Greater Manchester area. Plus 145 other employers that are all part of this enterprise. At the time, this was a new enterprise and with that came the need to build a brand-new careers portal, including a bespoke careers website, by the end of 2016.

It was so new in fact that they needed an entirely new brand for this portal. One that would demonstrate their sense of unity as a collaboration, while retaining the individuality of each unique council. On top of the website, we had to develop a bespoke ATS for nine of the participating councils, that would work seamlessly alongside the new careers site.

We took a deep breath and got to work.

We knew that the careers site would need to become much more than just a job board. We had to improve the entire candidate experience – right from first impressions through to applications. The branding and design would have to be consistent. The UX and UI – smooth. And we’d have to seamlessly integrate multiple ATSs.

The solution? A website that looks and feels very different to everything else within a crowded market space. Created for AGMA. By us.

This wasn’t just a technical task though. If we wanted to reach a wider audience, we’d need to be more emotive. More convincing. To help our audiences become more familiar with the environments that they could work in. We’d do this by telling the stories of the people that live and work in those areas. Always remaining inclusive and accessible for what was a hugely diverse audience.

That being said, we couldn’t resist adding some intuitive tech too. Such as a career explorer tool to help our audiences find the right opportunity for them. We made the website completely mobile friendly too – with new content added daily.

Within one month, the site pulled in 1,578,815 page views. 1,161,727 of which were unique. With an average of over 100 unique users at any time.

Aside from the figures, we were able to deliver the website and functioning ATS on time and on budget. With every single stakeholder, across all 12 partners, fully buying-in with the new brand style.

The client was so thrilled with the results that they even asked us to develop more marketing plans for