Case Study


“The move to an online SJT has enabled us to use our resources in the most effective way, focusing on outcomes and delivering value for money for the taxpayer”

– NOMS Resourcing Team

The National Offenders Management Service, or NOMS, make sure people serve their court-ordered sentences. So, they do undeniably important work. Work that requires a lot of great candidates to fill thousands of positions per year.

Our paths crossed when they were embarking on a nationwide campaign to attract new talent. But not just any old talent. They needed people with the right personal attributes for the role. So, their recruitment process had to challenge and assess the candidates’ EQ. As well as their academic qualifications and experience.

To remain at the forefront of recruitment technology, and to yield a better quality of candidate making it through to assessment centre stages, NOMS approached us. They wanted us to build them a video-based situational judgement test (SJT).

Now, given the nature of their business, designing a test that met the clients MI and security requirements, while also integrating with 3rd party platforms, was essential. Simultaneously, it needed to accommodate those who require reasonable adjustments – along with all other candidates. This had to be done within one single test. And finally, the video SJT needed to look and feel slick. With an excellent user interface to ensure that candidates could enjoy a first-class experience.

Without hesitation, we dived right in. Developing and building a bespoke testing solution. Our development team thought of a pioneering and innovative way to use technology that would meet the critical security requirements. All while providing an immersive environment to take their test in.  With security in mind, we created unique invitation links that would let candidates take the test. These links allowed the test itself to identify the person, and in turn, manage their results.

Also, as requested, the test was intelligent enough to account for candidates with reasonable adjustment requirements. We did this by using ‘reasonable adjustments’ PIN numbers. Securely obtained from the recruitment team, the candidate could then enter them when taking the test. And this adjusted the time allowance for all of their assessments within the online testing facility.

All of this was packaged in a simple and intuitive online offering. It allowed candidates without access to the latest IT equipment, with any level of IT skill, to access and complete the video SJT.


“A higher quality of candidate will be passed through to further stages in the recruitment process. This results in a more effective use of resource and cost savings in assessment centre stages. Candidates eligible for reasonable adjustments to their test are now able to have the same online experience as all other candidates. The leading-edge technology reinforces NOMS’ position as a modern and innovative employer.”

Resourcing Team