Case Study


“The result for us is a user-friendly system, that’s engaging and accessible to everyone who needs it.”  

– HR Services Manager

Founded in 1850, St Mary’s University holds a lot of history. While heritage is wonderful, some things do need to be updated. And that’s where we came in.

They needed to move from their paper-based recruitment system to an online ATS. In doing so, making things a whole lot easier – and more efficient – for their Hiring Managers and HR Administrators. Before they enlisted our help, they spent a lot of time manually completing recruitment tasks that our system could take care of in seconds. Not only was this inefficient, but it slowed down the entire recruitment process. And made it pretty tricky to track the progress of their applications too.

St Mary’s wanted to transform all of this. But, in the interest of not wasting more time, they needed the transition to be a smooth one. Resulting in a final product that was easy to use, for both staff and applicants.

So, we got to work. For HR Administrators, we made sure they could process all tasks online. But not only that, we also made sure they could do these tasks in tandem. This simultaneous workflow maximised efficiency to the Nth degree. For Hiring Managers, we gave them the ability to manage their campaigns and shortlist potential candidates – all from the comfort of their computers. And for candidates, engage|ats ensured that they could complete their entire application online, and monitor its progress at any point.

In the end, we helped St Mary’s update its system, and move from lagging behind the pack to shooting in front of it.

“Moving from a solely paper-based recruitment process to one that is now exclusively online was a significant transition and one that’s delivered important, long-lasting benefits. It’s delivered far more streamlined internal recruitment processes, including a far more efficient approval process. The engage|ats team have been a pleasure to work with. They will find solutions to any processes that you would like to incorporate onto the system, explain the process in great detail and will look to ensure that your implementation dates are met. Perhaps even more importantly, our staff have been very receptive in using the e-recruitment system and have been quick to highlight its merits.”

HR Services Manager

St Mary’s University Twickenham London