Case Study


“Candidates had an expectation of being able to apply for jobs online and we were lagging behind in this area.”

– HR Services Manager

Cannock Chase District Council and Stafford Borough Council are local government authorities within the borough of Staffordshire. With 680 total employees between the two of them, only eight were in the recruitment function.

Immediately we could see how important an ATS would be to them. To introduce efficiencies and take some of the admin burden off their recruitment staff.

But the unique challenge here was that they wanted one robust ATS, that would work across both councils. While they needed a solution that would allow for their independently branded portals and individual processes, they were keen to bring in some consistency through their applications and recruitment policies.

Achieving this would give their Recruiting Managers the control they sought – allowing real-time access to any and all information surrounding their campaigns.

Jump ahead a bit, and we’d built an engage|ats shared service platform that provided both councils with a best-of-both-world’s solution. Enabling them to manage two separate processes under the umbrella of one system.

Our solution has allowed them both to recruit in their own ways, while still gaining the efficiencies that come with collaboration and centralised information management. And, for the candidates, they see different interfaces and application forms, depending on which portal they visit. But they get served relevant jobs for both councils. A win-win for everyone.

As for the Recruiting Managers themselves, they can log vacancies for approval, review applications, shortlist and give feedback, 24/7. All remotely. Via their mobiles or tablets. Taking a little bit of pressure off their shoulders too.

​“Candidates had an expectation of being able to apply for jobs online and we were lagging behind in this area.  By introducing technology throughout the HR function, we delivered process efficiencies and enhanced the perception of each authority.”

HR Services Manager

Stafford and Cannock Council