First impressions are important in interviews. But they often come far before that. For candidates – it’s when they apply for your role. That’s why providing a seamless, positive experience couldn’t really be more important.

Vacancy alerts

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This feature keeps candidates keen, even if they don’t initially find a suitable role. They can sign up for vacancy alerts, so that you don’t have to rely on them to keep checking back in. They enter keywords, and the types of vacancies they’re interested in, and in return receive an email when matching postings appear. It keeps your candidates in the loop, and allows you to search for and correspond with them at any time.

Save and return to application form

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Wasting time is the worst. In a busy world, this feature is invaluable for candidates filling out an application form. It lets them save it at any time and then return to it when they’re ready – all directly from their home page.

Send to a friend and sharing

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This feature takes word of mouth and makes it digital. If candidates want to pass on details about a vacancy to a friend, this function of our online platform couldn’t make it easier.

FAQ page

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You can manage the FAQ page with the easy-to-use editing tools. They allow you to further enhance the experience for your candidates, as they’re constantly kept informed of the answers to an unlimited range of the most common questions.

Candidate home page

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Every candidate who registers on engage|ats will have their own personal home page. A hub for their activity. Keeping all the important parts in one place. From here, they can print their application forms, book interviews, access online tests, review correspondence, view their application status, search for and save vacancies – and even format the panels on the home page to appear exactly as they’d like to see them.

CV and multiple document upload

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When applying, candidates can be asked for or required to upload a CV – or other documents. These documents can be uploaded onto a candidate’s profile at any time by you, and can be printed or sent to a manager for review.

Map view of vacancies

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Candidates can choose how they browse vacancies. There’s the option of a simple list, or a map. If location is what they’re looking for.

Keyword search

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If your candidates can search for vacancies using keywords, it makes it much easier for them to find what they’re looking for. If a vacancy exists with the keyword they punch in, engage|ats will let them know. Whether it’s in the vacancy template or job description. These keywords can be entered as early as when signing up for a vacancy alert, or when sending a speculative application.

Automated emails

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Candidates can receive automated emails when they register to engage|ats, apply for roles, and at any stage of the application process. It just depends on when and where you want them delivered.

Self-service interview scheduling

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Once a schedule for your interviews or recruitment event has been published, candidates can quickly and easily book their interview slot. All they need to do is view the calendar and click on the interview time they want. Simple. Once confirmed, final calendar confirmations are then sent to both candidates and interviewers.

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