We’re not the first to say it – and we definitely won’t be the last – but data really matters. It allows you to spot opportunities to improve at every point of the recruitment process. So, here’s how we can help.

Reporting suite

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All system reports are handled by our data reporting suite. Full of features, it’s up for any task. Your reports can be customised and tailored using individual filters and can be saved, exported and manipulated in whatever way you need. From quick and easy basic level reporting, to more advanced reports – our system can make it all smooth. No matter how many segments of data you need.

Tracking and tagging

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Agencies, Job Boards, internal candidates – they’re all measurable and reportable via engage|ats. However, to go a step further, it’s great to know the journey of external candidates before they arrive at your virtual door. engage|ats can embed code into your site that can track your candidate journey, allowing you to see how effective your advertising media is.

Bespoke reporting

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engage|ats recognises that every system has different reporting needs. With that in mind, when we get started with any new client we take the time to define your bespoke reporting requirements. To create your own personal ‘suite’ of reports. This ‘suite’ can evolve as your system grows, allowing you to adjust and extract the exact information you need to drive the most efficient recruitment process possible.

Sources functionality

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Our sources functionality is advanced. Simply put, it allows you to easily manage your list of sources (the places where your candidate first saw your vacancy advertised). You can even input the question in your registration or application forms. Asking candidates to select a category and specific source when applying. These sources can also be unique to each vacancy, allowing them to be searched for and reported on.

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