The recruitment process can be complex. But not if we have anything to do with it. engage|ats makes moving, managing and maintaining candidate information seamless, quick, and easy.

Candidate search

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When it comes to searching for candidates, we have a ton of options. In fact, you can search for absolutely anything that’s been asked in their application form – all from a single search page. Anything from scores or recommendations a candidate may have received, to what vacancy they’ve applied for and where they saw it.

CV parsing

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CV Parsing is essentially designed to save both you and your candidates time and effort. After candidates upload their CV, it’ll automatically populate your application form. So, candidates don’t need to manually copy over their details, and you, as recruiters, get all their information presented in a clear, standard and easy to compare format. Everyone wins.  

Candidate flagging

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Flagging options in engage|ats are advanced. If we do say so ourselves. When you’re building a form, you can specify which questions or answers you’d like flagging. When a candidate is flagged as a result of an answer they give on their application form, you can click on the flag and take a look at the question or answer. It can also be used to flag other items, like duplicates or speculative applicants.

Bulk options – printing, processing, emailing, recommending

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There’s no hiding it, managing a large applicant pool can be a tricky business. That’s why we offer a number of bulk options to make it simple and fast. So that you can print, process, email and recommend large numbers of candidates, all in one go.

Manage onboarding

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engage|ats can centralise the on-boarding process, allowing you to record details of the offer. Things like salary start date, notice period, etc. This information can be merged into a contract template and uploaded to the candidate’s portal. The candidate can acknowledge receipt of the contract, and an email notification can be sent to the recruiter. What’s more, this information can be exported in various ways (auto email, FTP), for import into your HR system.

CV search

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Does what it says on the metaphorical tin. This feature allows you to search for candidates by their CV. Just enter relevant keywords into the search form and engage|ats will find candidate CVs that match.

Recommendations module

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Managers are busy people. This allows you to get their opinion efficiently. Managers follow a link from an email and are taken directly to their recommendations page. They don’t need to log in and can view all the candidates that have been sent to them to review. You can also send several candidates to several managers in one go, using that handy Bulk option. When managers are reviewing candidates, they can score them using the associated manual scoring form, suggest the stage they should be moved to, and add any notes.

Interview scheduling & booking

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Within engage|ats, you’ll find a ‘Schedule Wizard’. No magic here – just a smart system. It helps you to create various interview schedules in an easy, step-by-step process. Interviewees are invited to book interview slots online – reducing the admin involved in organising interviews. Candidates can then easily book an interview slot by viewing the calendar and clicking on the interview time they want. Final calendar invite confirmations can then be sent to both candidates and interviewers, without confusion.

Reference requests

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This easy to use, reference requesting functionality allows you to request individual or multiple references from a candidate’s application, or request them in bulk for multiple candidates. Just select the appropriate reference form from our array of custom build options. Then set automatic reminders to be sent along with an email – or build a bespoke one if needed. Finally, choose to set a notification for when the reference returns, or take the option to contact the reference via the in-built email system, and have all communication recorded, time stamped, and sent from one central email address. All to ensure consistency across the reference requesting process.

Secondment/internal talent pools

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You can use engage|ats to build a talent pool of internal candidates who are up for adventure, and willing to be seconded to other roles within your business. Internal candidates can apply to the talent pool, and even specify how long they would like to be considered for these positions. Their requests are sent to their line managers for authorisation. Then, once candidates are in the talent pool, the recruitment team can invite them to apply for any secondment positions that pop up. The system actually manages your talent pool for you, cross-referencing the dates of availability specified by the candidate and the secondment period.

Anonymised recruitment

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Anonymised recruitment is used to overcome unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workforce. It has become more popular in companies after a series of studies showed that people with ethnic names needed to send out 50% more resumes before they got a call back than job hunters with “white” sounding names. Our Anonymised recruitment module is designed resolve this potential bias, showing only the information needed by a vacancy manager to access the candidate and move them to the next stage of the process. We also have a CV Redaction tool, to hide from information that may also result in unconscious bias from hiring managers.  

Manual & auto scoring forms

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Manual scoring forms are easily created using the Form Builder. Use them as simple scoring forms to capture results from, telephone interviews, assessment centres, face-to-face interviews – whatever you need. But remember, they can also be used as auto-process forms, moving candidates to a certain stage depending on the scores entered. Taking out a little legwork for you.

Advanced recommendations module

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Because they’re so busy, we believe managers should be allowed the flexibility to decide how they want to interact with engage|ats. They can either score online, or download an excel scoring sheet, enter their scores and recommendations in excel and upload them back into the system. They can also send CVs to other managers for second opinions. Used commonly for panel recruitment, Advanced Recommendations makes shortlisting as straightforward as it gets.


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engage|ats offers you an advanced, customised approach to working with your agencies and agents – and managing any candidates who are submitted through them. The system is flexible, and allows you to work with your agents in a number of ways. It can be adapted to fit with your usual processes. For example, if candidates that come from agents are anonymous, engage|ats won’t display their name – and vice versa. All aspects of engage|ats can be customised for you, right down to your correspondence and application forms.

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