When it comes to vacancy management, we’ve got you covered. Our range of options are advanced but remain easy to use. Quickly create templates and JDs, and apply them across channels and roles just as fast.

Speculative applications and Talent pool

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Building up a talent pool is an amazing move for almost any organisation. That’s where this function comes into its own. Candidates can upload their CV and submit speculative applications for roles they like the look of. As a recruiter, you can then search through this speculative application pool, either filtered by vacancy or CV. And, when a vacancy does become available, you can invite these candidates to apply directly.

Branded site and application form

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As engage|ats is a major element of the recruitment process, it’s only fair that we let you brand it yourself. So that your system feels like you. From the entire site, down to the application form. And, to make the candidate experience even more special, you can even use Flash software.

Embed links to documents in vacancy templates

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Sometimes vacancies need supporting documents. We get that. If you need yours to appear to candidates with links to relevant PDFs, Word or Excel files, this function lets you do so with ease.

Succession planning

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While every job is important, there are certain high-profile roles that are business critical. engage|ats can help you to plan in advance, in case any of these roles suddenly become available. Our system allows you to invite current employees to register on the succession planning database. They’ll answer questions relevant to their future career and growth – and in turn, you build a pool of internal talent who would love to be considered if a role like that came up. And, when one does, your recruitment team can search the pool, saving time, money and effort on some of the hardest to fill roles.

Vacancy approval

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Vacancy approval lets managers review the details of any vacancy that’s about to be advertised. Meaning the manager can make sure that the job description and all other relevant details are right before the vacancy is made fully available.

Content management

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When we say ‘content’, we simply mean the text or features found on each page. Throughout engage|ats, you’re able to easily manage yours. This means that you can add to or update it at any moment, so that communication between you and your candidates is as smooth as can be.

Posting to multiple channels

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When you’re setting up vacancies, you can post them in one simple step to various channels. Online, intranet, agency, job board, and so on. You also have the option of creating different forms and process routes, and specifying dates for each individual channel.

Accessibility controls

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Throughout engage|ats, you’ll find controls that allow you to change the size and colour contrast of the pages you’re looking at.

Vacancy archiving

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Why delete outdated vacancies when you can ‘Archive’ them? Meaning that you can reference or review archived vacancies at the touch of a button, or refresh them to make them live again.

User access levels

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engage|ats has a variety of user access levels available for you to choose from. All of which can be customised. For example, you could tailor your system to specify which vacancies or sections the candidates can view, or even which actions they can take.

Pre-screening forms

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Pre-screen forms can be created whenever you like using the Form Builder. And you can choose from an array of options designed to prevent candidates from applying if they don’t meet the minimum requirements. With everything from killer questions to self-select messages – they’ll help you get to the right talent, faster.

Automated emails

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As a recruiter, you can set up automatic emails for candidates at every stage of the process. As well as reminder emails to automatically prompt them to complete required actions if they haven’t after a certain amount of time. Emails to recruiters, agencies and other users of the system can also be set up.


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To save on recruitment costs, a lot of companies opt for a referral programme. engage|ats allows your employees to notify their friends and acquaintances of current roles that are advertised externally. If a referred candidate applies via a referral link – generated by your current employee – engage|ats will take note, storing the referrer’s information against the candidate. Allowing you to measure success and reward your employee.

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