engage|ats doesn’t just sit alongside your HR ecosystem, it fits right in. Here’s how.

Job board integration

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This is your one-stop-shop for publishing vacancies to several job boards in one go. Add job boards by stating their name and URL. It’s that simple. Vacancies can then be published with just a few clicks, and candidates can apply from there directly – accessing your engage|ats application form from the job board itself. Job board candidates can even be reported on, for you to see at a glance how successful various job boards are for finding the right candidates.

DBS checking integration

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Integrated with your preferred supplier you can, on a per-candidate basis, request a DBS check of any type. Basic, Standard, Enhanced or more. The system then allows for the request to be sent and received back to the candidate’s record, with both the request and receiving date and time saved for reference. In addition, the DBS check status and details are saved within the system against the application. So, you’ll always know where it’s stored should you need it.

Online testing

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engage|ats is there to support you throughout the entire testing process. Easily integrating with any online test providers to create a seamless process for candidates to take part in. The system can then process your candidates depending on their test scores and upload the results for you to see. Our ATS does all the heavy lifting – all you need to do is let us know the pass and fail rates for each test.

API suite

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For some time, we’ve been looking for better ways of integrating candidate data from the engage|ats system, into a variety of HR systems. While this has always been possible though bespoke integrations, it’s usually complex, time consuming and costly to do. Last year, we embarked on a project to create a suite of API’s (Application Programming Interface’s) which will change the game. Making data transfer between engage|ats and any HR systems secure, safe and smooth. And what’s even better, is that our suite of API’s is now available for use.

Intranet integration for internal candidates

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If vacancies are posted on your intranet, candidates can apply from there directly. engage|ats will naturally consider them as ‘internal’ candidates. When setting up a vacancy, different forms, process routes and dates can be specified for your intranet channel, creating a unique process for internal candidates. To give you that level of customisation.

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