Case Study – Greater.Jobs

We made greater greatest.

The Challenge
The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities, or AGMA, is a group of 11 councils in the area who originally got together for this recruiting initiative. At the outset, they needed a careers portal from scratch, including a bespoke website, with a 2016 deadline. The clock was ticking. With all the players involved, they needed a unified brand for the project – one that would demonstrate their unity, but also retain the individuality of each unique council. On top of the website, we had to develop a bespoke ATS for nine of the participating councils that would work seamlessly alongside the new careers site. Lots of moving parts, lots of jobs to fill. We took a deep breath and got to work.


The Solution
Their idea was big, but far from impossible. We knew the careers site needed to be much more than just a job board. The candidate experience had to be on point – from first impressions to applications. The branding? Consistent and fresh. UX and UI? Smooth as silk. Multiple ATSs? Seamless. The solution? A website that looks and feels very different to everything else within a crowded market space. Created for AGMA. By us.

It was a lot of tech, but we needed to go deeper. To reach a wider audience, we’d need to be more emotive. More convincing. To help our audiences become more familiar with the environments that they could work in. We’d do this by telling real stories of the people who live and work in the region. Always remaining inclusive and accessible for a hugely diverse audience. We made the website completely mobile friendly too – with new content added daily.


The Results
Well, we delivered the site and ATS on time and on budget. With every single stakeholder, across all 12 partners, fully buying-in with the new brand style. The client was so thrilled with the results that they asked us to develop more marketing plans for And the cherry on top? In one month, the site pulled in 1,578,815 page views. 1,161,727 of which were unique. With an average of over 100 unique users at any time. Consider Greater Manchester and Blackpool’s vacancies sorted.

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