Online testing

Incorporating testing into the recruitment process can help organisations assess the suitability of candidates for specific job roles. Psychometric tests can measure candidates’ cognitive abilities, personality traits, strengths and behavioural tendencies, which can be essential in identifying candidates who are the best fit for the job.

By integrating testing into an ATS, recruiters can streamline the recruitment process by automating the process of sending psychometric tests to candidates and receiving results. This can save time, resources, and money, as it eliminates the need for manual testing, assessment, and data entry.

Testing for the skills you need

Integrating testing into an ATS can provide recruiters with deeper insights into candidates, which can help them make more informed decisions during the selection process. It can also help test for specific skills such as numeracy, coding and analytical skills, which are crucial for particular roles.

engage|ats has partnerships with two leading online test providers; Cappfinity and Saville Assessment.

Cappfinity is the global leader in strengths-based assessment and development, providing award-winning talent solutions to forward-thinking companies.

Saville Assessment products are built on extensive research into workplace performance and potential, ensuring the fair and accurate matching of the right people to the right roles.

Through our integrations, tests are sent via engage|ats, with scores also coming back into the system. If you use a different test provider, we would be happy to discuss how we could support with an integration.

Tip: Too many tests can sometimes put candidates off from applying, so make sure the ones you are using are specifically linked to the role that they will be doing.

Getting Started

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