Candidate portal

Our candidate portal is a one stop shop for candidates where they can send and receive messages, upload documents, manage their profile, create job alerts, schedule interviews, and much more.

Candidate experience is top priority

At engage|ats, we spend a lot of time considering the candidate journey. If a candidate is having a positive experience, they are more likely to progress further in the recruitment process and stay engaged with your organisation. To ensure a positive experience, we built out a candidate portal that keeps engagement, accessibility and inclusion at the forefront.

Branding – Our interface can be fully customised with logos, images, colours and fonts that match the branding on your website – making the candidate experience completely seamless.

Video content – Video is the number one medium for communicating, and is a great way for a candidate to learn about your organisation’s culture in an engaging way. engage|ats can host your video content so it is easily accessible for candidates. We can also include videos within job descriptions.

Support – Our 24/7 support chatbot will provide instant responses to the most commonly asked questions, like ‘How do I reset my password’?

Mobile optimised – In 2022, more candidates submitted an application on a mobile phone than on a laptop or desktop. Providing applicants with the flexibility to apply for roles on the go with a mobile device will increase the number of candidates applying for your roles.

Accessible – Our integrated AI accessibility tool allows users to select from different profiles, such as vision impaired or ADHD. The AI technology then scans the site, making all the necessary changes to support that particular profile.

Communications – Candidates can easily view all of their received communications in one easy place (whether it came via email or text)  and make follow up actions like booking in for an interview slot.

Easy to use – Applying is fast and easy. Information in a candidate’s CV, such as contact details, education, and work experience, can be parsed into the application form. If a candidate already has an application in the system for a previous role, any relevant information will automatically pull through to new vacancies that are applied for.

Tip: A good candidate portal should examine the challenges candidates have and focus on removing or improving those challenges.

Looking for a little more guidance?

We’re experts in the entire talent acquisition lifecycle, so please reach out to us if you need help on any aspect including:

  • Transition from your old platform
  • Employer branding
  • Websites
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Audience research
  • Creative services

Getting Started

Setting up engage|ats is simple and quick, we can even help you:

Transfer candidate data from your old ATS


Configure your process workflows to meet your needs


Automate your processes

Integrate with your other HR platforms

Display jobs on your website through our API

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