Getting setup

Onboarding a new client onto an applicant tracking system requires a strategic and supported approach to ensure a successful transition. Communication and regular contact is critical in understanding the client’s challenges and goals as they are supported through the transition. It is important to make sure that everything is documented so there is a reference point should personnel change throughout the process.

Switching to engage|ats is easy

At engage|ats we have vast amounts of experience of onboarding new clients onto our platform. As a new client, you will have a dedicated Account Manager and Implementation Manager who will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to engage|ats. Whether you are moving from a different system or if this is your first time using an ATS, we will help support you at every step including importing any historical data and new users.

We follow an established and proven 5-step process for onboarding new clients:

1. Specification

The specification meeting kick-starts the implementation process and gives the client a first impression of the engage|ats team and our consultative approach to working. 

During these meetings, information will be gathered on the specific needs and requirements of your system. We will take you through various features and functionalities and complete our specification document. We will also provide you with a comprehensive project plan which includes key dates and milestones.

2. Build

The implementation process is where the system and our partnership start to come to life. This phase includes the system build, based on the specification meetings. You will be kept up to date on progress through regular calls with you Account Manager and Implementation Manager. This is where you get to relax and let us do the work.

3. User Acceptance Training (UAT)

This is the first time a client experiences exactly how engage|ats will work within their organisation, making it a critical step in the implementation lifecycle and a chance for us to get specific feedback from the client.

4. System live

Once UAT is complete, the system is made ‘live’ (but not yet shared with the client). At this stage, we will deliver a number of different training sessions tailored to different user groups. For instance, we might deliver Super User training to the HR team and a more stripped back training session for hiring managers.

5. Go live

The final step of the implementation process is the ‘go-live’ phase, where final touches are made to the site like clearing down test data and ownership is handed over to the client. 

Tip: Knowing what you want from a system will make the implementation process a lot smoother. Our team does all the heavy lifting and will let you know everything that you will need to provide.

Need some help?

We’re experts in the entire talent acquisition lifecycle, so please reach out to us if you need help on any aspect, including:

  • Transition from your old platform
  • Employer branding
  • Websites
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Audience research
  • Creative services

Getting Started

Setting up engage|ats is simple and quick, we can even help you:

Transfer candidate data from your old ATS


Configure your process workflows to meet your needs


Automate your processes

Integrate with your other HR platforms

Display jobs on your website through our API

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